Game Rules


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Explanation of our 10 cards single player Rummy

Single player Rummy, a game of skill, features strategic play, real-time updates and tournaments with crypto prizes. We only offer virtual currency tournaments.

Instead of competing against an opponent, players are not competing against anyone, a bot or an AI.

Therefore, this game is only played in tournaments where the player with the lowest number of discarded cards wins a prize.

Cards & Layout

Our 10-card single player rummy uses a standard 52-card French deck with no Joker. As you play, you draw cards from the deck and discard cards from your hand. Your goal is to make a Meld, and once you have made a Meld of ten cards, you must click on the “Declare Winner” button and discard the 11th card to the discard pile. The discarded cards are now counted and this number will appear next to your name on the leaderboard to determine your ranking.

Please note that if you click on the “Declare Winner” button and you make a mistake and you don’t have a winning hand, we will not count that game and you will have to start a new game.

Game Play

You will be dealt 10 cards. If you are lucky enough to be dealt a winning hand, click on the “Declare Winner” button and you will go to the leaderboard with 0 discards. This does not happen very often, but it can happen.

If you don’t have a Lucky Winner right away, sort your hand and draw a card. Draw and discard until you have a winning hand.

Regarding the Button > DECLARE WINNER

When the player has a winner hand which should be 10 cards all melded and the 11th card to discard on the discard pile he needs to click Declare Winner button and discard the 11th card > Start new Game

Winner Hand sample with 11th card still to discard

> In case the player has an error and thought he has a winner hand but he has not then the game does not count and he can start a new game.

This means that every player is responsible for his play and his actions so he needs to be concentrated on his game play.

Regarding the Button >START NEW GAME

The player can start a new game after he finished his game.

The player can start a new game in the middle of a game after he played at least 90 seconds in a game and does not need to finish the game.

Card Sorting

Please note that you cannot drag a card to the left or right outside of your hand, as the dragged card will not stay there.

There are 2 kinds of Melds: runs and sets

A set is 3 or 4 cards of the same rank card. For example 9-9-9 or 9-9-9-9

A run is 3 or more cards of same suit in sequential order. For example 8-9-10 all in heart or 9-10-J-Q all Diamonds.

When a tournament ends, the player with the lowest number of cards discarded wins a prize.